Using xwax with only one turntable or CDJ

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Using xwax with only one turntable or CDJ is possible if you use an Y-adapter cable to send your preamp’s output to two pairs of inputs of your soundcard, your ALSA setup allows you to read twice from the same source or you are using the JACK audio server.

The following example assumes the use of JACK. See Build xwax from source for details.

Start xwax from your terminal of choice, specifying two virtual decks:

xwax -j deck1 -j deck2 -l <your musicfiles>

Next use e.g. Qjackctl to connect your soundcard’s input to all xwax decks at the same time. If you start your timecode vinyl, you’ll notice that they will play simultaneously.

Use the F3 (F7 for second deck, F11 for third) key to disable the timecode input to the deck(s) you don’t want to control. To reenable, use F4 (F8, F12 respectively).

You can reset the timecode/file position using F2 (F6, F10).

A typical session would look like this: