Keyboard Controls

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Library Controls

Key Function
Up\ Down Scrolls through the library
Page Up\ Page Down Scrolls through the library one page at a time
Left\ Right Scrolls through the directories specified at startup
Tab Toggles between selected folder and ‘all records’ folder
Ctrl-Tab Changes track sorting order between Artist, BPM and Playlist
Ctrl-Shift-Tab Rescan media library

You can also search through your library by typing your desired search term, just remember to delete this with the backspace key in order to see your full library again.

Deck Controls

Deck control in xwax is done via the function keys. F1 - F4 control deck 0, F5 - F8 control deck 1 and F9 - F12 control deck 2.

Key Key Key Function
Deck 0 Deck 1 Deck 2  
F1 F5 F9 Load currently selected track to this deck
F2 F6 F10 Set current position on the record to 0.00 on the virtual deck
F3 F7 F11 Toggle timecode control on/off
Ctrl-F3 Ctrl-F7 Ctrl-F11 Cycle between available timecodes

Instant Doubles

Instant doubles is an “undocumented feature”. It doesn’t officially exist and may be removed or altered in future.

Key Key Key Function
Deck 0 Deck 1 Deck 2  
- Shift-F5 Shift-F9 Clone deck 0 into current deck
Shift-F2 - Shift-F10 Clone deck 1 into current deck
Shift-F3 Shift-F7 - Clone deck 2 into current deck

Miscellaneous Controls

Key Function
= Zoom in waveform
- Zoom out waveform