CDJ Behaviours

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The Difference

CDJ’s are the modern version of a turntable that plays CD’s instead of vinyl records. As a DJ you should know how each works; or at least be able to Google it. Vinyl is an analog medium and CD’s are a digital medium. The pure and basic fundamentals of how vinyl is played differs from how a CD is played. When a needle is placed on a vinyl record it plays the grooves as it hits the needle. When you reverse or back track vinyl the needle plays the exact reversal of the sound pattern on the timecode. Not all CDJ’s are capable of this exacting precision. As a result, some of the basic functionality of the CDJ is useless. Below is a table of CDJ’s and the CD timecodes used with a yes and no response as to some of the CDJ’s functions.

  Traktor CD Timecode
CDJ Pioneer CDJ-200
Looping NO
Tempo Adjust YES
Cue Point (Primary) NO
Pause (while playing a track) NO
Pitch Control YES
Extra Cue Points NO